ENTRE-YOU Trainer’s Manual ready

Our project team is working great together, and we just finished the ENTRE-YOU Trainer’s Manual, a guide for the trainers who will engage in the future in ENTRE-YOU training. A few trainers will soon have the opportunity to become familiar with this manual in Vienna, where the first ENTRE-YOU seminar for trainers will take place. We will be back with their opinions!

ENTRE-YOU Training Kit ready

ENTRE-YOU is making progress, our Training Kit is now ready to be tested and piloted. Trainers and teachers from seven different European countries have worked together on the training material that is designed to be practical, fun and resourceful. For more information, contact the project partner in your country or email us!

ENTRE-YOU Training Curriculum ready

We can proudly announce you that the basic document of our envisaged training program, the Training Curriculum is now complete. Previously we interviewed young job seekers and stakeholders from seven European countries, trying to find the reasons behind the high level of youth unemployment across Europe. The results of the interviews have already been published in our Qualitative Research Report. Based on that document, we now set the base for the ENTRE-YOU training program by formulating the learning targets to be addressed in order to cover the needs and lack of skills resulted by the analysis of the answers given by the young people and the stakeholders from the seven European partner countries.

In this sense we concluded, that the main areas that need attention in order to help young job seekers have better chances entering the labor market are: social skills, personal skills and core business knowledge. Among other things we discovered that there is a great need for young job seekers to be able to communicate efficiently, to plan, to be motivated and have entrepreneurial mindset. We formulated 100 learning targets within these main areas we will address with the ENTRE-YOU training program. The Training Curriculum document also contains the didactic and methodological approach of the training.

The English version of the ENTRE-YOU Training Curriculum document has been published on our website, the translations into the languages of the project partners is currently in process.

We already started working on our next intellectual output, the ENTRE-YOU Training Kit, which is expected to be ready at the beginning of August.

ENTRE-YOU Newsletter February 2016

Our newsletter has been published! You can read it here.

Qualitative Research Report ready

ENTRE-YOU aims to provide a comprehensive VET program in order to help unemployed young people have a successful start on the labor market. As a first step we explored in seven European countries the background and the causes of the youth unemployment.



ENTRE-YOU started from a common European need that labor markets and VET systems across Europe face: according to Eurostat there were 4,96 million unemployed persons under 25 years old in the EU 28 in December 2014, which amounts to a youth unemployment rate of 21,4%.

As ENTRE-YOU aims to address this issue and to help young unemployed people have a successful start on the labor market, as a first step the partnership carried out a qualitative research by means of interviews to find out the reasons that lead to this high rate of unemployment among the European young people.

Between December 2015 – January 2016 we have interviewed 147 young unemployed people and the representatives of 74 stakeholders that are directly or indirectly connected with the labor market (employment agencies, public authorities, social partners and NGOs) from the partner countries: Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, The Netherlands, Romania, Spain.

The similarity of the received answers and results confirms that we indeed face a challenge that is common throughout Europe.

Also, the research results indicate what and how ENTRE-YOU is supposed to address: the issues leading to youth unemployment, the learning targets that need to be pursued, the methods to be used and the topics to be developed in order to support unemployed young people improving their chances on the labor market.

The English version of the Qualitative Research Report has been published on our website and will be soon available in the languages of the partnership.

ENTRE-YOU Newsletter December 2015

Our first newsletter has been published! You can read it here.

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